Reviderm Liquid Bandage by Parnell


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Reviderm Liquid Bandage by Parnell

Reviderm is a spray-on liquid bandage with broad-spectrum antimicrobial action. It delivers a 99% kill rate on funi, yeasts, and bacteria, including MRSA within 30 seconds of contact. The product dries to form a flexible, breathable, protective film.

Protecting wounds from contaminants can lower the risk of infection and lead to speedier recoveries. Not only does Reviderm protect wounds against water and dirt for up to 72 hours, but it also kills a wide range of microbes on contact. These microbes include the ppathogens S. aureus (MRSA), E. Coli, and more. Once dry, Reviderm also provides a durable barrior agains other contaminating microbes. 

Directions for Use:

    1. Clean and dry wound or area where Reviderm is to be applied.
    2. Cover affected area evenly with thin coat of spray.
    3. Allow 1 minute for product to dry to a glossy finish.
    4. Protection will last for 48 – 72 hours. Reapplication may be necessary to protect wound.