Multi-Milk Powder Milk Replacer by PetAg



Multi-Milk Powder Milk Replacer by PetAg

This formula has changed slightly due to manufacturer changes. The fat in the prior Multi Milk was 55%, the fat is now 52% Matches mother milk to include, bear, walrus, seal, and other mammals requiring a high fat milk replacer and as a fat additive to add to rabbit formula. Animal milk replacer base and nutritional supplement. Multi Milk is a high fat milk protein powder. Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals needed for proper development and growth. Provides highly digestible sources of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals for added nutrition. May be used as a low lactose milk replacer, a milk replacer base or high energy supplement. Excellent for use with animals that are lactose intolerant. May be used as a base to blend with Esbilac, KMR or Foal-Lac milk replacers.

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