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A little bit more than a bit about us!


Christina Clark found her first baby squirrels in the summer of 1994, Chris' husband had cut down a tree that had a nest of babies in it. Mom was gone and now Chris had become their foster mom. In 1995 Chris became licensed with the State of Ct. to rehabilitate wildlife, and that was just the beginning.

Chris’s Squirrels and More was created during the summer of 1999. Christina Clark (Chris) was like many, a struggling licensed wildlife rehabilitator.  At the time, Chris was an early Ebayer selling antiques at local antique shows and on the internet with the business name of “Chrissys Country Store.”  Being on Ebay all the time selling antiques, Chris got the idea to start selling a gift line for squirrel lovers to try and raise money for the many wild animals that she rehabilitated. As most people are aware, wildlife rehabilitation is all rescue based and rehabilitators do not get paid for the help that they give to the many animals they take in each year. So raising money to help was a must!

Almost immediately Chris realized the need for a store focusing on supplying wildlife rehabilitators and animal rescue groups with the items needed to properly care for these animals at reasonable prices. Chris went live with a website in April of 2000 using the web address of “The Squirrel Store” while the store specialized in hard to find animal rehab supplies at low prices and a gift line for the squirrel lover. Chris was also a house wife raising two children and needless to say, the antique business went away and Chris focused on her family, animals, and her new business.

As the years went on, in March of 2005. The Squirrel Store had a legal name change due to another business having a very similar name to ours causing confusion for our customers Therefore we chose to change our name to Chris’s Squirrels and More with the new domain name www.squirrelsandmore.com
The new name was actually more appropriate because we carried products for all animals, not just squirrels. Also, over the years Chris continued to focus on her rehab efforts and started to primarily rehabilitate “The Squirrel” without denying other species when help was needed.

Chris’s Squirrels and More offers not only great products at great pricing, we also offer free education in our “Rehabbers Corner” for new rehabbers and the seasoned rehabber  that may need more information. Our education videos are all done at the Squirrels and More Rehab Clinic in Somers, Ct. Chris feels that the videos are a better learning tool because of the almost, hands on approach.  The videos are of the actual animals rehabilitated at our clinic. Squirrels and More is also always happy to help rehabbers over the phone with different issues along with the occasional animal that is brought to us by fellow rehabbers needing our help.

As far as our customer service is concerned, “We love our customers the way that squirrels love nuts and that will never change”. Remember, Chris is also a consumer herself, and she’s a firm believer in treating her customers the way that she likes to be treated. We are always here to help you, returns are a breeze, and your questions are always answered. So if you ever have a problem with Chris’s Squirrels and More, please let us know so we can make it right!

As of recently, Chris designed and developed a product called "The Miracle Nipple". This product has become known quickly for how well nursing baby animals take to this nipple. It truly is a "Miracle" with animals feeling as close as possible to nursing from mom. As of March 20th, 2016 this product is now available in three sizes. 

Our closing note,
Chris’s Squirrels and More has done what it initially set out to do! Rehabilitate wildlife and raise the funds needed to successfully rehabilitate the hundreds of wild animals that have come through our doors. With our customers support, this has allowed us to take in far more animals than Chris was able to take into her care in the past.

                            Chris’s Squirrels and More is located in Somers, Ct.

Christina Clark with a handful of baby squirrels. 

Owner of Chris's Squirrels and More, LLC