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Chrissy's Page

I created this page as a fun page for all our friends to enjoy. Chris's Squirrels and More is located on a farm in Somers, Ct. I love playing with my animals, from laughing at my chickens swirling spaghetti when I give them that little treat to having a ton of fun watching my silly goats. And let's not forget about Reggie our miniature donkey that let's out one heck of a hollar if he isn't getting his attention. Not only do we specialize in squirrel rehabilitation here on the farm but we are also home to 1 Miniature horse named April, 1 miniature donkey named Reggie, Maggie our quarter horse. 7 goats to include Burt, Ernie, Joy, Brownie, Whitey, Star, and Red and 54 hens. We also have a very full time job running the business "Chris's Squirrels and More" and don't let me forget that I (Chris) have been married for 35 years now with two grown children. Phew, life can get hectic, it's a whole lot of work but also a whole lot of fun. Here's some pics of our crew.


Ernie and Whitey being the best of friends


Kyle, my son-in-law playing with his favorite hen.



Ernie with his christmas tree lips. - Goats sure do love to eat christmas trees.

Brownie waiting for a big hug. 

I love this photo of April our miniature horse. 



The best christmas present you can give a goat is your left over christmas tree. Just be sure there is no garland, tinsel, or anything other than pine needles to eat. 


The goats loving some green pasture.

This is Joy, she's the mom to Burt and Ernie. She is without a doubt the queen of the herd. She is the sweetest goat in the world.



Me and Winnie, my little rescue. Love her to pieces. Believe it or not I never cared much for small dogs or goats, I don't know what happened to me but I wouldn't give any of them up for all the money in the world. 

Maggie, my quarter horse mare. Yhea I know, she needs a diet.