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Our hearts go out to everyone during this global crisis.  As always, the well-being of our customers, their animals, and our employees is our top priority.  As we are a small business with a limited work space, we have had to make temporary changes resulting in less staff to process and ship our orders, despite a very high volume, for the safety of our employees and to comply with social-distancing orders.  
In an effort to continue to serve our customers, we are working longer shifts and are processing orders now six days a week. During this time, many people that may not have made online purchases in the past are doing so now and if you pair that with "baby season", you can imagine how hard we are working to get those orders to you.  Please know that we are doing the very best we can to ship your orders quickly, and to respond to any calls or emails that we may receive.  Unfortunately, and despite our best efforts, that may not always be as quickly as we have in the past and we do sincerely apologize for any delay you may experience in hearing from us.  Please know such delays are not out of carelessness or lack of concern, but rather a result of the times we are currently in and the safety precautions we are currently working with.  
We are not the only ones "doing more with less", and the USPS and UPS are also struggling under enormous pressure to transport and deliver packages as the volume for them has surged dramatically.  This has resulted in delays of delivery and delays in the updating of tracking information for the USPS while they work to manage the volume.  With that, please know that while we may ship your order the day after it is placed, or even the same day, the USPS or UPS may not be able to deliver it in the timeframe they typically offer.  Priority mail, for example, has not consistently been delivered in the timeframe suggested, despite the fact that the enhanced service has been paid for and we at Squirrels and More have no control over that.  We are doing our best to be patient and kind towards those providing delivery service, as we know that they too are working tirelessly and that while they may not be able to provide the same level of service that they could under normal circumstances, we would quite honestly be lost without them.   
We have never had a time-limit return policy, and that has not changed.  As always, if you are unhappy with a product please contact us for a refund for the product.  We cannot refund the cost of shipping.  For our international customers: at this time we must limit international orders to Canada only, and any orders shipped to Canada cannot be guaranteed.  There have been instances where orders shipped to Canada have had their delivery delayed for up to three weeks, regardless of how quickly we processed the order or the method of shipping.  There has also been an instance where an order shipped to Canada was never received.  I know that many countries have dramatically heightened their customs processing to limit the spread of the virus and I'm sure this is just a result of that, but we have received no guidance that would indicate what to expect or how long such delays may continue for, so we would discourage our Canadian customers from taking that risk.  
I am grateful that we are permitted to remain open right now when many small businesses across the country cannot.  I'm grateful to my employees for the tremendous amount of work they are doing during an already-stressful time, and to our customers for showing patience and compassion while we continue to get through this.  I ask that everyone please continue to show such patience with us, because we are giving this everything we've got.  
All of us at Chris's Squirrels and More hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and well during this time.  I know that for me personally, the limits on interactions with my family and friends has been challenging, and I've taken comfort in having my animals to care for.  I also know that animal care and wildlife rehabilitation have not slowed down or relaxed while the rest of our lives seem to have come to a standstill, and we will continue to do our absolute best to help you provide care for the animals that mean so much to all of us.  
Thank you,