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The Rehabber's Corner

The Rehabber's Corner

Chris's Squirrels and More is proud to be able to offer our "Education Department" .

We feel that a hands-on approach is in many cases is the best approach. Many times we try to help other Wildlife Rehabilitators over the phone- however, we've realized that in many cases, trying to explain something over the phone just doesn't cut it.

Keep an eye on our site- we will be adding lots of different videos for different cases. Some videos will be basic rehab care and others may be more involved.

This information is intended for use by wildlife rehabilitators and is not intended for the general public. Please keep in mind that in most states, it's required to have a permit for wildlife rehabilitation. We take this part of our website very seriously and if we find that in any way this information is being abused then we will discontinue it immediately. This information is intended for serious wildlife rehabilitators who are looking to further their education. As always, the information on our website is free and is intended for the better welfare of animals. This information is not to be copied, transferred or sold in any manner. All videos are of animals rehabilitated here at Chris’s Squirrels & More, LLC. The videos and rights to the videos are the sole property of Chris’s Squirrels & More, LLC.

Thank you and Happy rehabilitating!


Christina Clark
Owner of Chris’s Squirrels & More, LLC




The video below is just plain fun. Meet Lady, a maloclusioned squirrel that spent a good amount of time in our clinic. Nothing she loved more than having the run of the clinic. We called "Lady" the queen of the clinic. She certainly was fun to have around.