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What makes Squirrels and More different from the rest?

A message from Chris

What makes us different from everyone else?

The answer is simple. You do!

What’s so good about Chris’s Squirrels and More, LLC

1)      We care about you and your animals (we really care lots!)

2)      We know how expensive it is to take care of animals and we work wicked hard to keep our prices as low as possible! Can you tell I’m from Ct. Wicked was a common word back in the 70’s around here. Oops, I think I might be aging myself.

3)      We believe in impeccable customer service (where would we be without YOU!)

4)      We will never carry a product we don’t believe in, never will you see in our store a product that is bad for your animals. You may not be aware but there are thousands of pet products on the market that are actually harmful to your animals.

5)      When you call us, you won’t be talking to an operator, you will either be talking to myself (Chris) or else one of our co-workers that have been trained to be able to help you with your questions, if they can’t help you then not to worry, Chris is right around the corner (probably in the clinic feeding squirrels) Yes, Chris has been specializing in Wildlife Rehabilitation since 1995 and has a huge amount of experience in equine, dogs, cats, bunnies to name a few.

6)      The big question. Is there free shipping? In most cases there’s no such thing as truly free shipping (it is very rare). Believe me, companies that offer free shipping have added that shipping somewhere to the product, or they have a hidden handling charge, freight charge, delivery fee, or you actually have to purchase the free shipping by paying one large lump sum yearly Let me tell you, that is smart marketing and a bit sneaky. (I think we all know who were talking about here). Companies come up with great marketing names so you think you are getting free shipping. They’re just kidding you, in this world nothing is free, shipping included! We offer you great pricing on our products and we always try to charge the actual shipping/handling cost. If the shipping seems unreasonably high, than possibly it could be. So please don’t get mad, call us toll free at 877-717-7748 and we will be happy to take your order over the phone so we can manually calculate the shipping. (Sometimes websites can get a little wacky with the shipping quotes)

7)      We’re big time into education and we like it to be free! Let’s face it, it’s bad enough that none of us get reimbursed for all our efforts to save these animals, so some free education is nice (yes it really is free, no hidden cost  here). We offer an area of our site dedicated to the general public that needs help with baby squirrels, this info also would pertain to general care of most mammals. We also offer the “Rehabbers Corner” which consists of actual videos of rehab being done at the “Squirrels and More Rehab Clinic”. I’m a big believer in education, how I wished I had this info when I started out back in the 90’s.

8)      Yes! We are an active Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic located in Somers, Ct. specializing in the care of orphaned and injured squirrels.

I am just like you, I am a consumer and a caregiver for many animals. And I care about the care that animals receive from people like myself. If I can’t help my customers to rehabilitate their animals than I don’t feel that I am doing much of a service for the human or the animal. Yes, I really do care about your success, because when you are successful, than I am successful at doing all that I can do to save these wonderful creatures.

And Remember, we love our customers the way Squirrels love nuts! And that will never change.

Now, a little bit about how we came to be.

Hi, my name is Christina Clark, I am the owner of Chris’s Squirrels and More, also known as www.squirrelsandmore.com

I started rehabilitating wildlife back in 1994. At that time I was like many of you, my husband cut down a tree with 5 baby squirrels in it and back than we didn’t know enough to try to reunite with mom. Being an avid animal lover, raised on a farm and at the time I was breeding and training Quarter Horses but all animals were dear to my heart, and of course babies were always especially close to my heart.  So I chose to raise these babies and the following year I pursued the legal avenue of becoming a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, like many I was unaware at the time that I had to actually have a license to save a life. So I did.

In 1999, once again like most of my customers I was struggling on how to pay for all these babies, as we all know wildlife rehabilitators do not get funded in any way. At the time I was a Power Seller on Ebay selling antiques and I got the crazy idea of starting a website selling a gift line for squirrel lovers. What got me thinking of the website was (being by nature a squirrel lover) I was always bidding on squirrelly items on Ebay and was always getting outbid. It hit me like a ton of bricks! I’m not the only squirrel lover out there. At the same time I was struggling with purchasing rehab supplies and I decided to start the website selling a gift line and rehab supplies. And that is the nutty story of how “www.squirrelsandmore.com” was created. Here I am 15 years later and still doing the same thing. Offering a website that not only sells an adorable gift line of all your favorite wild animals but primarily we are specializing in hard to find animal rehab supplies at the best possible pricing for you, our customer.

That’s my story, true but not sad. I’ve saved so many babies that I wouldn’t even begin to count them and I have been successful in starting a wonderful business and meeting so many wonderful people just like myself.

Owner of Chris’s Squirrels and More, LLC