60 ml Miracle Oring Catheter Tip Syringe

Miracle Brand

$ 22.95 
SKU: 62.8315-6


60 ml Catheter tip oring syringe. Oring syringes are the perfect solution for hand feeding animals. Because of the unique oring plunger, the syringe works perfect when hand feeding and being able to use the same syringe repeatedly without sticking after a few uses. In most cases with proper cleaning these syringes will work for days and sometimes weeks.


NOTE: Please be advised that the ink on the syringes will not stay on with multiple cleanings. After inquiring about this issue it has come to our attention that the ink has been changed due to toxicity of the prior inks used on o-ring syringes. Our o-ring syringes will outlast most other syringes that are available. All of our o-ring syringes are a product of Denmark, they are BPA free and sterile. Denmark carries the highest standard for safety with their medical supplies. 

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