Brushkin Squirrel Statues


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Brushkin Squirrel Statues.These adorable statues are made from a material called brushkins. Brushkins are made in the Philippines from the fiber of the Buri palm tree. The fiber is twisted onto a wire, with the resulting round brush being hand cut into the final shape. Many other hands work on dying, shaping, and gluing parts to create our whimsical little animal friends and holiday accents. The eyes, ears, nose, feet, etc. are made from seeds, pods and carved wooden pieces. No trees or plants are destroyed in the production process. This product is a decorative item. It is quite sturdy and is not damaged by handling. The wire in the middle of the animal can be bent to adjust the animal’s position.

 Large squirrel: 8" tall, 7" wide.

Small squirrel: 5" tall, 4.5" wide.