Catac Nipples & Foster Bottles


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Catac Nipples & Foster Bottles

These nipples are popular for hand feeding orphaned animals. We offer three styles. The ST1 nipple will fit any of our slip tip syringes or the small Catac Foster Feeding Bottle. The ST2 & ST3 will fit the Large Foster Feeding Bottle. When making your choice be sure to order the correct nipple. Many times these are confused and the ST2 are ordered incorrectly. The ST1 Nipple is the nipple for use on the slip tip syringes. Always use caution when feeding with either of these nipples on a syringe that the nipple is not swallowed by the animal. Please be advised that it is not recommended to use these nipples on syringes with kittens, we strongly recommend using the nipple with it's appropriate bottle for kittens and medium sized mammals that have a strong sucking reflex due to the risk of swallowing the nipple which may result in death to the animal. There are three nipples to a package.

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