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Cellarator Turbo Oral Microbial & Electrolyte Paste

Size: 80cc

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Cellarator Turbo Oral Microbial & Electrolyte Paste 

Cellarator Turbo Oral Microbial & Electrolyte Past. Formulated for horses, cattle, swine, goats, and sheep of all ages.

A note from Chris's Squirrels and More:
This is a fantastic product, it has been used many times here at the Squirrels and More Clinic. Our clinic is also a farm and this item has been used numerous times for stress with our goats, excessive heat in the summer months for our equine and in the clinic it has help to save it's share of fawns. We love this product!


80CC (4 doses per tube) Calcium (min) 0.1% Calcium (max) 0.3% Phosphorus 0.2% Salt (min) 0.5% Salt (max) 1.0% Magnesium 0.3% Potassium (min) 2.9% Vitamin E (min) 1,020 IU/20G Enterococcus faecium (min) 3 billion CFU/20g Lactobacillus acidophilus (min) 1.5 billion CFU/20g Bifidobacterium bifidum (min) .5 billion CFU/20g Cellarator Turbo supplies the animal with direct-fed microbials and with electrolytes and Cell-rate unlike Porbions which only provide direct-fed microbials. Cellarator Turbo Uses: Provides a source of live, natrually occurring microorganizms, aids in prevention od dehydration by replenishing electrolytes lost during periods of stress, heat and competition. Provides cutting edge ingredient Cell-rate with reported research results showing a positive effect on: incidences of diarrhea, feed intake, stress leves, nutrient absorption, intestinal flora. It also helps maintain a healthy microbial balance, supplements desirable organisms in newborns, helps maintain appetite.