Fly Bye Plus


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Fly Bye Plus 

Fly On Bye! Plus

• Provides ultimate protection from nature's

  most pesky elements

• Extremely effective

• Pesticide free

• Environmentally responsible

Available In: 

       -32 oz. Trigger Sprayer,

       -1 Gallon w/ Easy Pour Cap,

       -2.5 Gallon w/ Refill Tap

       -Fly Bye Plus .5 oz Equi-Pen.

Fly On Bye! Plus is a totally unique spray that works on a molecular level. By utilizing revolutionary soy based technology, it has created a highly effective pesticide-free spray.

Fly On Bye! Plus also contains geranium oil for added protection. Fly On Bye! Plus is bio-degradable, non-toxic and safe for your horse and environment.

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