Formula Mixer Bottle


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Formula Mixer Bottle

Unique mixing bottle that works wonderfully! Here at Squirrels and More we use this bottle to mix all of our formulas. This bottle won't pop it's lid when shaken like many containers do and you'll have no over-mixing so your formula won't be frothy. It's without a doubt the best mixer we've ever used. 

The BlenderBottle® Radian™ Stainless Steel shaker features best-in-class, rock-solid insulation. Double-wall vacuum insulation means your drinks stay icy cold for up to 24 hours, while the outside of your bottle stays comfortably dry.

When it comes to keeping drinks cold, you can’t beat the double-wall vacuum insulation featured in our BlenderBottle® Radian™ Stainless Steel shaker. Keep your protein shake, smoothie, or sports drink perfectly chilled for up to 24 hours. Bonus: your bottle stays condensation free.

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