Great Horned Owl Puppet

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$ 54.95 


FolkManis puppet

The Folkmanis Great Horned Owl Hand Puppet possesses a distinct beauty. It is tall and silent with curved feather horns and stern looking eyes. This 2403 animal hand puppet is realistically designed with feathery plush, movable wings, a rotating head and blinking eyes. It's designed for easy use with one access point through the body; just pull down the lever to make the eyes blink and move the handle to turn the head from side to side. The puppet is ideal for using in puppet theater, for teaching, daycare or just playing. It measures 9"L x 5"W x 18"H. Folkmanis has made puppets since 1976 and has become the premier manufacturer of plush puppets worldwide.

Tall, silent, with curving "horns" and stern-looking, yellow eyes, the GREAT HORNED OWL possesses a disturbing beauty. At night, in the dark when we have trouble seeing, he startles us with a sudden, "Who-who-whoooo!" And we are glad we are not smaller than he. This magnificently crafted puppet features feather-like plush, movable wings, a rotating head and blinking eyes.