It's A Squirrel's Life


$ 14.95 


It's A Squirrel's Life

Trace the life of a tree-climbing, nut-scouting, gravity-defying squirrel!

This game has been created to simulate the life of a typical tree squirrel from nest born, to adulthood, and ultimately parenthood.

We offer  three options:  a classic board game, a deluxe version and "Charlie"-Plush Toy

Game Goal: The general objective of the game is to gather a certain number of food pieces (i.e. acorns, strawberries and pumpkins), as well as obtain five tail rings signifying squirrel life milestone achievements. The first squirrel/player to accomplish this wins.

Players: 2 to 4 Ages: 8+ Play Time: 30 – 60 minutes

Classic Version:

1 Game Board; 4 Squirrel Tokens;Tail Rings (6 yellow,10 green,10 pink);49 acorns;49 strawberries;49 pumpkins;4 player trays;1 pair of Squirrel Dice; 25 Squirrel Destiny Cards©    

Deluxe Version:

1 Game Board; 4 Squirrel Tokens; Tail Rings (6 yellow, 10 green, 10 pink); 49 Acorns; 49 Strawberries; 49 Pumpkins; 4 Player Trays; 25 Squirrel Destiny Cards©; 1 pair of Squirrel Dice. Your Deluxe  board game includes "Charlie"

 Charlie Plush Toy is 7" Tall