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Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Bird Formula

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Exact hand feeding formula was the first "instant" formula available in the market and is the most researched and respected product used by professional breeders, veterinarians and conservation programs throughout the world.

Technical Features: * Exact's balanced, high nutrient formula helps babies grow faster, wean earlier and develop better, brighter plumage * When used properly, Exact will not cause crop slow-down * Exact hand feeding formula contains probiotics to encourage a healthy population of intestinal microorganisms. The selected species have been chosen specifically for their vitality, stability, and overall benefits to a bird's system. * Digestive Enzymes (amylase and protease) are included to insure adequate digestion of carbohydrates and proteins. These enzymes are of particular value in the newly hatched baby or in a bird experienceing digestive difficulties. * Exact hand feeding formula has compatiible tastes and ingredients with exact converstion and exact adult daily diets reducing digestive upsets during weaning, or when pulling young from the nest of exact fed parents.