Prozyme Plus All-Natural Enzyme Supplement 100 Gram EXP: 01/22


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Prozyme Plus All-Natural Enzyme Supplement 100 Gram

ProZyme® Plus takes our Original Formula one step further by replacing our lactose carrier with rice starch. While this change does not affect the potency of our enzyme blend, it has proven helpful to animals with more sensitive digestive systems.

Top Veterinarians and Breeders agree, adding ProZyme® to your pet's food helps them get the maximum nutrition possible. Most pet foods are processed for shelf life. As a result many of the food nutrients become chemically trapped and pass right through the digestive system. ProZyme® formula's unique blend of plant derived enzymes help unlock food nutrients and enhance metabolic absorption.

ProZyme® is uniquely formulated to survive the stomach's acids and works to release nutrients where metabolic absorption take place in the small intestine. ProZyme® contains no added vitamins or minerals that could upset the balance of pet food nutrition or create the risk of harmful, excessive vitamin supplementation. In addition, ProZyme® does not get absorbed into the blood stream making it safe to use with prescribed medications.

Experts have attested to the effectiveness of ProZyme® in hundreds of best selling animal wellness books. Veterinarians have used the product successfully for over 30 years. Put ProZyme® into your animal's dietary plan and discover a noticeable difference in as little as 2 weeks!

Please consult your veterinarian before you change anything in your pet's diet.