Rep-Cal Ultrafine Powder


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Rep-Cal Ultrafine Powder

Calcium deficiency is a major dietary problem of captive reptiles and amphibians. For when that extra calcium and vitamin D3 is necessary due to calcium and D3 deficiency in the prior diet or when extra Calcium and D3 are necessary for maintenance.

Maintaining a proper calcium-phosphorus (CA-P) ratio in the diet of 1.5:1 is believed to be just as important nutrionally as an adequate Ca intake. The problem in most cases is an improper CaP ratio, not too little Ca. Ca-P ratios of common cultured food items are shockingly poor (eg. ecrickets 0.13:1; meal worms 0.06:1; wax worms 0.08:1, and pinky mice 089:1). Using a calcium supplement that also adds phosphorus makes no sense as an adequate. Ca-P ratio can never be achieved. Bone meal contains phosphorus REP-CAL contains only 100% natural phosphorus-free oyster shell Calcium Carbonate for its calcium source.