Resorb Electrolyte

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Oral hydration electrolyte product; used to control dehydration associated with diarrhea. Re-Sorb is a readily absorbed source of fluids and electrolytes. It is a convenient and effective means of increasing absorption of water energy sources and electrolytes. Re-Sorb is indicated for use in the control of dehydration associated with diarrhea (scours) in calves including veal calves. Re-Sorb may be used by the livestock owner as an early treatment at the first signs of scouring. It may also be used as follow-up treatment for the dehydrated calf following intravenous fluid therapy. Re-Sorb because of its ready source of fluid and electrolytes makes it an ideal first feed (upon arrival) for newly purchased or severely stressed calves. Mixing Directions: Add the contents of 1 packet (both sides) to 2 quarts of warm water. Stir until dissolved.

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