Small Animal Carry Bonding Pouch


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Small Animal Carry Bonding Pouch

Well, all I can say is great things about this pouch. This pouch is hand-made here in the US by a fantastic sewer. You can't get better quality than the full line of products from this talented person making our new sleepy sacks, carrying pouches and many other goodies. These pouches are fleece lined with adorable fabric on the outside. They have an upper mesh sewn into the fabric for good air flow and a zipper top so they'll be no escaping, not that anybody is going to even try to escape from these pouches because they are so soft and comfy that your gonna wish you could fit inside! This pouch measures will comfortably hold anywhere from 1 - 6 babies squirrels, opossum, or bunnies depending on age, yes you could also use this for kittens, toy breed puppies or any other critter of smaller size. The dimensions are 13" long (not including the handle) and 11.5" wide. The handle is 19" long. Caution!! These pouches are so comfy to carry that you may forget that you have little babies inside, be careful not to smush the kids!! 

Available in Chipmunk, Opossum and Rabbit.

**Plush opossum not included

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