The Chicken Swing

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* Got chickens or other cooped up fowl? Get The Chicken Swing!
* The world's #1 chicken toy!
* Reduces coop boredom and brings smiles to the people that care for chicken and fowl
* Not just a hanging perch – it's an actual activity chicks to peafowl will enjoy!
* Learn more and see The Chicken Swing in action – visit 'Other Info' below

The Chicken Swing provides an activity for all breeds and ages of chickens to use in the coop. The swinging motion the chicken enjoys is fun for the people who care for them as well. The engineered and patented design actually allows them to keep the swing in motion themselves while sitting or standing on a ribbed corn-like textured perch. The design's mail-box shaped perch, safety side ties and cross member are designed to keep swinging safe and easy for all sizes of chickens and fowl in the coop. Installation and adjustment is easy for any sized coop. While chickens of all ages have been known to take up swinging, for best results introduce swing to young fowl. Made from safe quality parts that are made to last. Perch measures 16.25" long. Fully assembled and ready for installation. Patent pending.