Opossum Rehab Supplies

Opossums can be difficult to hand raise, we have put some of the most important supplements and products for the opossum in one place so you can find them easier.
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Pedialyte from $ 8.95 USD
Clear Feeding Tubes from $ 1.50 USD
Nutri Cal
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Nutri Cal $ 13.75 USD
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Calsorb $ 13.95 USD
Calcium Gluconate
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Calcium Gluconate $ 7.95 USD
Mammal Bene-Bac Plus from $ 15.65 USD
Pure L-Glutamine
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Pure L-Glutamine from $ 14.95 USD
Dextrose 50%
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Dextrose 50% $ 7.95 USD
Syringe Caps
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Syringe Caps $ 4.95 USD